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by AbGymnic
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Abgymnic is an electric pulsating muscle toning device that will firm, tone, and tighten your abs.
  • 6 pre-programmed exercise routines
  • Sculpts, firms and tones
  • Sleek fit! Wireless!

Product Description

ABGYMNIC, as seen on TV, is an electric pulsating muscle toning device that will firm, tone, and tighten, your upper abs, lower abs, love handles, and basically all other parts of your body you wish to firm and tone. ABGYMNIC replaces monotonous sit ups and exercise. In just 10 minutes you can exercise your abdominal muscles approximately 600 times - can you imagine how many sit ups you would have to do to achieve the same results?

ABGYMNIC will work you out while watching TV, shopping, working, walking. Anyplace. In a fraction of the time, it would take to do all those sit ups!

Unit includes:

- 1 ABgymnic with 6 program units

- 1 Neoprene Center piece

- Instruction manual

- Two batteries

- One long belt, for abs

- Gel
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AbGymnic Reviews

AbGymnic Reviews

5 star rating by on 09/07/2018

I love it I just got it today and I used it twice already

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