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The back bridge by Dr. Sinett helps relieve core imbalance. Use at home, in the car, or in the office.
  • Easy to use and noninvasive
  • Portable - goes wherever you go!
  • Soft and comfortable high-density foam

Product Description

BackBridge By Dr. Sinett The Backbridge Systemis the first and only back pain device developed to help relieve core imbalance. Designed by Dr. Todd Sinett, it comes with 4 stackable levels to expand with you as you gain flexibility and health in your spine. The BackBridge™ System corrects this core imbalance by putting extension into your body. It realigns the spine and provides the correct balance, giving you stability, reduced pain and improved health and well-being. Lying on the BackBridge System for 2 minutes, twice a day counteracts core imbalance and decompresses the spine to release tension and pain.

The BackBridge System aligns the whole spine, starting at your tailbone and extending all the way up through the base of your neck, allowing it to decompress the entire spine. (Neck pillows and lumbar support devices work only on an isolated area of your spine, while the BackBridge System affects the entire spine).

The key to the BackBridge System is the 4 different levels. As you gain flexibility and spinal health, you can increase the number of levels you use, gaining flexibility and extension in your spine. Join the thousands of people who are correcting core imbalance and living free of back pain by using BackBridge for just 2 minutes, 2 times a day. Unlike with other back pain remedies there is no complicated contraptions, nothing to plug in, no side effects from medication, no costly medical bills. Features: Amazingly simple and effective!

Use at home, in the car and at the office Easy to use and noninvasive Soft and comfortable high-density foam Portable-goes wherever you go! Includes:
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BackBridge Reviews

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