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Bake Pop

by Telebrands
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Create delicious cake pops at home with the Bake Pop baking pan!
  • Make 18 Cake Pops at once.
  • Non Stick Pan!
  • Use any cake mix.

Product Description

Pop them, dip them, decorate them, and devour them!

The As Seen on TV Bake Pops Baking Pan and Accessories set provides a cake pop baking pan indented with round grooves for a making up to 18 delicious cake pops at once. Simply fill the non-stick cake pop baking pan with any cake mix of your choice, and then follow the included directions to bake them in your oven until they are fully cooked and moist. Then, just remove the pan from the oven, let the pops cool, and then apply the included reusable pop-sticks to dip them into any frosting and decorate them for a festive occasion.

This As Seen on TV Bake Pops Baking Pan and Accessories set allows you to make professional-looking cake pops that you will enjoy decorating with all of your favorite cake decorations to truly express yourself and prepare for a festivity. The bake pop pan comes with a lid and is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe. Cake pops are easy to ea t - no forks required.

The cake pop baking pan helps you prepare the sensational treat currently sweeping the nation that both children and adults admire and love to pop into their mouths.
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Bake Pop Reviews

Bake Pop Reviews

Bake Pop
5 star rating by on 09/03/2015

I loved this product, and everyone at work loved the chocolate fudge cake pops that I made. The product straight out of the box contained 1 set of cake pop pans, 18 reusable sticks, 2 silicone clamps to hold the pans together, and lastly a sheet of paper with instructions/tips. I would say that the reusable sticks are not the best, they're a little flimsy and honestly, I don't think I would want to ask for the sticks back once I've given the cake pops to someone. I prefer to use the disposable sticks you can buy at the store. The silicone clamps seem to be sturdy, and have done what it's supposed to do. The construction of the pans themselves were pretty good, didn't have any problems with cake pops sticking. A few tips that I've found to be helpful, whatever the cake recipe you have, add 1 egg to itand instead of water use milk and only half of the portion you would have used with water, lastly add a packet of pudding mix. For example, if...

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Bake Pop
5 star rating by on 09/12/2015

I was a little hesitant to use it as reading the reviews and people cake pops did not come out. I looked through the reviews and followed the tips giving. I used a boxed chocolate cake mix, 4 eggs, 1/2 cup of milk and a small box of instant chocolate pudding mix, and the oil as directed on the cake box. I sprayed the bottom and top of the pan with Baking Spray. The batter was thick so I was not able to pour it. I used the small cookie scoop and filled each hole with 1 scoop. I clipped the pans together and then put it in the oven at the recommended temp. I only baked 15-18 minutes. There was a little overflow but not that much. I stuck a toothpick in the hole and it came clean. I took pan out of oven. Let it cool for 10 minutes. Peeled off any excess cake. I unclipped the pans and I got round cake balls. A box of cake mix makes quite a bit so you might have to do these several times. But the kids loved it

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