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by BakeyBacon
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Silicone baking rods for making bacon straws or piggy pirouettes
  • Bake an entire pack of bacon in one pan
  • Baking bacon is easier, less mess in microwave or conventional oven
  • You won't get popped ever again

Product Description

animationBakey Bacon baking straws are silicone rods that you'll be able to wrap bacon around in order to create attractive and tasty bacon straws. Once cooked in the microwave or the oven, these straws can be eaten on their own or filled with various fillings such as cheese, mashed potatoes or sour cream. Also available is the BackeyBacon™ piping kit that contains one reusable silicone pastry bag and one super elongated Bismarck piping tip that'll help you add filling to your straws without making a mess.

BakeyBacon is a new twist on making bacon. The package consists of 6 half inch in diameter, 9.6 inches long, food-safe silicone rods the perfect size to twirl bacon around to create bacon straws or pirouettes.
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BakeyBacon Reviews

BakeyBacon Reviews

5 star rating by on 07/19/2019

Sent this to my bacon crazy sister and she loves it! Uses it all the time for fun bacon baking and eating

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