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Cooling Pillow
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Cooling Pillow

by TV Direct

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Ultimate Relief Fever & Hot Flash Reducing Cooling Pillow
  • Great for headache/sinus suffers.
  • Miracle relief for suffers of hot flashes and fevers.
  • No plugs, batteries, or refrigeration needed

Product Description

No more tossing and turning at night with the Cooling Pillow!

Check out this innovative technology - the cooling gel beads inside this pillow have endothermic properties, which use the ambient room temperature to dissipate body heat! Feel cool and relaxed within seconds after contact is made and stay nicely chilled for approximately two hours while you fall fast asleep. Upon waking, the gel is re-energized by exposure to the air and becomes ready to use in about 20 minutes!
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Cooling Pillow Reviews

Cooling Pillow Reviews

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