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by Blue Banana
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Curl-a-Dog the spiral hot dog slicer!
  • Cooks Evenly Inside and Out
  • Curls Create Flavor Pockets
  • Spiral Cut Hot Dogs TASTE Better!

Product Description

Curl-a-Dog the spiral hot dog slicer! Chefs agree "Spiral-cut" hot dogs taste better! The curly edges char for more grilled flavor, hot dogs cook evenly inside and out, and the curls create flavor pockets to hold condiments for maximum flavor! Curl-a-Dog as seen on TV is the fun, easy way to make spiral-cut hot dogs. Just place your favorite hot dog in Curl-a-Dog, close the lid, insert skewer and presto the perfect spiral-cut hot dog. Dishwasher safe. Kids love them. Includes 1 large Curl-a-Dog, 1 regular Curl-a-Dog, 2 skewers, and recipes.
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Curl-a-Dog Reviews

Curl-a-Dog Reviews

5 star rating by on 05/07/2015

When a hotdog gets the INSIDE meat grilled, it simply tastes better. This makes it easy. Before this product, it was labor-intensive and even dangerous to spiral-cut a hot dog. The potential to cut the dog apart into small pieces, or to cut your finger as you carefully rolled the dog along a tabletop while you cut into it with a sharp kinife, was a drag. Now it's instantaneous, and even fun. You stick the dog in the unit, press down, insert the skewer (IF YOU WANT TO - only to help you remove it from the unit) and you're done. Really quick and easy. We find ourselves actually USING this product over and over again. Kids love the PROCESS and the RESULT. So do adults.

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1 star rating by on 05/19/2017

Not at all what I thought it was

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5 star rating by on 02/28/2018

makes alsome hot dogs

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