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The DrainWig PREVENTS hair from clogging the drain!
  • Easy: Installs without removing the drain cover
  • Hygienic: Dispose without touching the hair
  • Universal: Fits most shower drains

Product Description

The DrainWig PREVENTS hair from clogging the shower drain! It's the only preventative product on the market that traps hair-out of sight-in the drain's p-trap.

Inserting and removing the DrainWig is quick and easy and you never have to touch the nasty hair! Just feed the DrainWig through the shower drain cover and wait 2-4 months. As hair enters the drain's p-trap, it floats and spins on top of the water. The DrainWig's ball chain and rubber whiskers catch and secure the hair. The tangled hair remains on the chain and out of sight until you are ready to remove the clump of hair. Extract the DrainWig, without removing the drain cover or touching the hair, by pulling the plastic flower cap. The entangled hair will easily slide out of the drain for quick disposal-no plumber needed!

The DrainWig will not unclog a drain, only prevent it from happening in the future. Now you can let your hair go down the drain! Your pipes are protected from unwanted hair clogs. Let us all rejoice!
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Drainwig Reviews

Drainwig Reviews

5 star rating by on 08/17/2016

Works great! When it gets too icky I put in another one!

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3 star rating by on 08/19/2019

Shower one is good the tub one does not go down the drain

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5 star rating by on 02/22/2018

I've used this product for years now, works great. When you pull it out to change it, you'll be shocked at the amount of hair it catches and thus keeps from clogging your drain.

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1 star rating by on 02/03/2018

Didn't fit my drain, and you really have to force it to get it out. Not good I need to buy a snake for the job.

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