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Dryer Vent Vac Attachment
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Dryer Vent Vac Attachment

by TV Products
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Dryer Vent Vac Attachment makes it a snap to remove excess lint from your clothes dryer.
  • Works with any vacuum cleaner
  • Improves dryer efficiency
  • Lowers energy costs

Product Description

With most dryers, lint can get trapped in the crevices beside and behind the line catch - it's the number one cause of dryer fires!

The Dryer Vent Vac Attachment attaches to any vaccum for those hard-to-reach spots! Use it once a month to keep your dryer free of obstructions, reduce fire risk, and extends to life of your dryer.

The Dryer Vent Vac Attachment also helps improve dryer efficiency and lowers energy costs by keeping the lint trap clear of debris for maximum air flow and reduced drying time.
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Dryer Vent Vac Attachment Reviews

Dryer Vent Vac Attachment Reviews

Dryer Vent Vac Attachment
3 star rating by on 07/11/2017

I expected this to be a little less flimsy. It's hard to get it to go where I need it to go to suck up the lint.

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