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Grout Bully

by Harvest
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Grout Bully cleans, renews and redesigns grout on contact.
  • Cleans and Renews Grout on Contact
  • Eliminates Mold, Mildew and Bacteria
  • Penetrating Nanotechnology Formula

Product Description

Grout Bully cleans, renews and redesigns grout on contact. The secret to Grout Bully, as seen on TV, is our powerful nanotechnology formula that penetrates and eliminates the mold, mildew and bacteria that stains grout. Grout Bully leaves a crystal clear color coating for a showroom finish - every time!

Stop spending all day using a grout scraper. Grout Bully the fastest way to clean your grout, just apply and wipe off! Grout Bully leaves a sparkling clean grout line every time. So don't replace your grout, Grout Bully will have your room looking showroom new in minutes!

Works on floors, walls and counters.

For a fast grout makeover try Grout Bully today!

Includes: 4 oz bottle + 2 Bully erasers
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Grout Bully Reviews

Grout Bully Reviews

Grout Bully
5 star rating by on 09/04/2015

Let me start by saying by all means clean your floors before starting this and let them dry....thoroughly....for a few hours. Because if there is any moisture on the grout this product will not stick and will get thin and runny. Once that is done shake the bottle and then shake it some more. This product is like paint it seperates when not used. Now squeeze the bottle firmly and press down over the grout line it has a roller ball inside the foam head (albeit a small one). Once you have finished all the grout and trust me on this let it dry for about an hour it lets the product stick better to the grout. Then take a bucket of clean cool water and a clean mop and gently remove the overflow on the tiles and it will happen. Its ok. But the less is better rule. Its gonna take a couple buckets of clean water so you can keep the tiles cleaner. And voila you got beautiful floors!!! I uploaded before and after pics too!!! Also using harsh cleaners (i.e. bleach, pinesol and heavy scrubbing all...

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Grout Bully
5 star rating by on 09/14/2015

Like many products on " AS SEEN ON TV " that don't work as well as advertised, this is not one of them. In a short time I did my bathroom and it is like night and day. It is easy to use and dries in a short time. I recommend putting a second coat once it dries to get any grout that may have been missed the first time around and to assure an extra layer of brightness.

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Grout Bully
5 star rating by on 05/17/2016

I love this stuff I've been using it for years

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Grout Bully
3 star rating by on 09/02/2015

I first saw this ad on tv and what a great idea! This product sort of does what it advertises on TV, but I do doubt the mold/mildew "fighters" or anything like that that it claims to do (although I cannot test this for certain as I just used it yesterday and the grout in my kitchen is not exposed to water all the time and is not likey to accumulate that nasty stuff). It seems like a really expensive bottle of shoe polish for tile, but is not so easy as put on and wipe off (tile), and not a very thorough coverage either. If you want to get like new tiles, automatically like the commercial advertises, don't buy this. I only a tried a small area of the my miscolored tile grout as I did not want to do do the whole house and it not work or decide I didn't like it, so I only did the area around one of my large tiles in the kitchen. I bought the tan which is what the color of my grout should be, but after so many years or dirty feet, animal stains, spills, and who...

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Grout Bully
5 star rating by on 07/02/2012

My grout looks new! I bougt an extra bottle in case I can no longer find Grout Bully someday. This is better than a grout pen. It goes on like a shoe polish. Wipe off the excess after 2 minutes. My grout looks so white!

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