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by Groutinator
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Groutinator cleans grout instantly.
  • Cleans grout Instantly!
  • Patented Blend of Soft Abrasives
  • Restores Grout to it's original color

Product Description

Groutinator cleans grout instantly. Simply rub dirty, grimy grout with Groutinator and stains vanish instantly. The secret is patented blend of soft abrasives bonded in rigid elastomer to create optimal texture to rub away grime without damaging grout.

Restores grout to original color. No harsh chemical, no scrubbing and scraping. Groutinator as seen on tv works on all grout colors and types. Cleans ground in dirt, mildew, hard water stains, coffee stains, wax buildup, calcium, algae, red clay and much more. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, countertops, floors, pools and more.
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Groutinator Reviews

Groutinator Reviews

5 star rating by on 11/15/2014

this products realy works with minimal effort. It cleaned my grout fast.

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