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Hair Tie Angel
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Hair Tie Angel

by Novel Brands
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Hair Tie Angel is a stylish bracelet that doubles as a hair tie holder!
  • Fits thick or thin hair ties.
  • Free hair tie included.
  • Grooved channel keeps your hair ties tangle-free.

Product Description

Hair Tie Angel is the new, stylish bracelet that doubles as a hair tie holder Features a Grooved Channel to keep your hair tie secure. Hair Tie Angel keeps those easy-to-lose hair ties tangle-free & within reach. Fits thick or thin hair ties.

Free Hair Tie Included!
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Hair Tie Angel Reviews

Hair Tie Angel Reviews

Hair Tie Angel
5 star rating by on 12/08/2016

Where have you been my whole life!! I just bought two more. If you wear your hair tie on ur wrist(who doesn't)then definitely need this and know why. Its so perfect for fancy occasions-everyday use is fine to through a tie on for the day. But for a wedding or other, u want to look nice all over; an elastic on the wrist would ruin that. U can even coordinate the color with what your wearing. The only problem is that if worn daily, it will weaken the coating and begin to tarnish and turn an unfavorable color. So use it for when it just wouldn't look good to have a band on wrist. And your all set for a night out!

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