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Inflatable Back Max
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Inflatable Back Max

by Contour
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Give your body the healing benefits of ZERO STRESS Positioning.
  • Adjustable Levels of Firmness
  • Maintains Spine's Natural Curve
  • Supported 120 Degree Angle Positioning

Product Description

Give your body the healing benefits of "ZERO STRESS" Positioning. The Inflatable Back Max as seen on TV places your body in a supported 120 degree angle, creating a relaxed and balanced position from head to toe. The Inflatable Back Max is made up of three separate pieces which zip together: The backrest, knee support and footrest.

All three pieces can be used individually or together in many ways to support your body and promote beneficial sleep and relaxation. Air pressure is easily controlled to make each wedge as firm or soft as needed. Includes air pump for inflating, and compact bag for travel and storage.

The Inflatable Back Max is made up of three contoured wedges: Back Wedge provides full and balanced support for your back, neck and shoulders while maintaining your spine's natural curve-relieving tension in your lower back. Rounded Knee Wedge reduces unwanted pressure points with the benefit. Foot Rest elevates and supports your feet, relaxing tired legs. Unlimited possibilities for support, comfort and well-being.

Ultimate comfort to back, hips, legs & feet

Elevates esophagus above stomach for digestive comfort

Promotes beneficial sleep & relaxation

Adjustable levels of firmness

Sleek and Stylish Frame
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Inflatable Back Max Reviews

Inflatable Back Max Reviews

Inflatable Back Max
5 star rating by on 09/01/2015

Got today, so no long experience. I have hurt my back and can't sit without setting myself back but don't have a good sofa supportive enough to prop self on to read, watch TV etc. So I got this. Seem like very high quality-seams, zipper, the part where the air goes in (what is that called?). The 3 parts/pillow zip together so they can be used separately so it's very versatile. I'm sitting on it now in a configuration I made up that's not on the box. The surface is flocked and very nice. I'd wish it came with covers that you can wash but that'd be really beyond reason to expect. Someone said "it's easy to sew ones". Umm, no, not for most of us who don't sew/have no machine. The shapes are irregular. I suspect a damp cloth would clean off most dirt and that's what I'll be doing. It comes-I didn't know this-with it's own electric air pump, which is powerful and has 3 different adaptors. The thingy where the air goes in has a plug-within-a plug to block...

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Inflatable Back Max
4 star rating by on 09/01/2015

I bought one of these just before foot surgery, and I am really glad I did!! It let's me lie very comfortably in a position where I can easily work on my notebook, eat, drink, etc. I have now used it for about 10 days straight (about 12 hours / day - I have not tried sleeping in it). It works well both on top of the bed and on the floor. Works great with a Furrino notebook table (at least with the wide version). Update 9/30/2014: The middle section has started leaking! It now only stays inflated for a couple of hours! Too bad - I really liked it! Lowered my rating from 5 to 3 stars. Update 10/1/2014: I spoke to Contour Living (the seller of this item) to find out about their warranty if I have this unit replaced and the replacement happens to also start leaking after the 30 day return period. They told me that they replace any defective parts at no cost to the customer (no shipping charges or similar) for the full one year warranty period...

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Inflatable Back Max
5 star rating by on 09/07/2015

Had surgery on my shoulder (torn labrum). This was fantastic for me to get some well needed rest while my shoulder was recovering. There are three sizes, and I bought the middle size (I'm an average size guy). I am glad that I went with the next size up. The bonus of the inflatable matress is that you can blow it up to the "firmness" that you desire, and it isn't big and bulky once you're done with it.

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