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by Phyxall

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Insta-Fix Super Glue is sand-able, paint-able, 100% waterproof and more!
  • Creates an instant permanent bond to virtually any surface
  • Holds up to 800 lbs
  • Sand-able, paint-able, and waterproof.

Product Description

Insta-Fix is a revolution in adhesive technology. Insta-Fix Adhesive bonds virtually any type of material in seconds; plastic, porcelain, tile, rubber, cast iron, wood, copper, vinyl, steel, glass, even leather. Not only that, it bonds these different materials to each other!

Insta-Fix repairs are done immediately. No time waiting for the repair to dry. The job is finished in seconds. What makes Insta-Fix a phenomenon is NOXYBOND technology. That means no oxygen. When the oxygen is removed by pressing the two pieces together, Insta-Fix creates an incredibly strong bond - instantly. Only a drop or two of Insta-Fix Adhesive is required (there is a lot of repairing in that little bottle).

Use only a drop or two, then press the pieces together to eliminate the oxygen, and it's done. Instantly. No curing. No waiting. On with the next job.
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Insta-Fix Reviews

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