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Pasta Pot
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Pasta Pot

by Emson
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The Instant Pasta Pot!
  • 6 quart pot!
  • Built-in strainer!
  • Locking Lid Handle

Product Description

Enjoy this 6qt. pot with locking perforated lids eliminate the need for a colander when making pasta or rinsing and straining foods.

Bakelite plastic handles stay cool.

Eliminates the need for a colander when making pasta, gnocchi, and more

Useful for rinsing and straining veggies before cooking!
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Pasta Pot Reviews

Pasta Pot Reviews

Pasta Pot
1 star rating by on 05/14/2017

Very flimsy... warps as it gets hot. can not even boil pasta in the pot without it warping and bouncing around. Threw the pot away. Only gave it 1 star because you can't give it a 0.

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