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Premium Smokeless Indoor Grill
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Premium Smokeless Indoor Grill

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This grill that can do it all - yes all! -and at the same time!
  • Glass Cover Prevents Splattering
  • Non Stick Cooking Surface
  • Powerful 1500 Watt Heating Element

Product Description

The Gourmet Smokeless Indoor Grill features a grill and a griddle so you can create multiple dishes at the same time. With a variable temperature control up to 450 degrees searing is easy. It comes with a 150-square-inch nonstick cooking surface which has plenty of room to grill several steaks, sausages or burgers at one time. The glass cover provides a good view of how the food is cooking and also prevents splattering. The glass cover can be placed in the upright lock position while cooking on the grill, and is also removable for easy cleanup.

With a powerful 1500-watt heating element, this grill gets up to temperature quickly. With the high searing temperature, you can lock in flavorful juices or reduce the heat and grill more slowly, depending on the recipe. The nonstick surface of the grill allows fat to drain away for healthy cooking. The drip pan provides virtually smoke-free cooking, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

It's great for summer but also great for barbecues in winter. You don't have to go out in the cold to check on your burgers or steaks while it's snowing or raining. The smart grill provides an obvious solution: A better indoor grill!!! It's not too heavy, or hard to put together and use. It has enough grill space to cook a whole meal and gets hot enough to get a good sear on the meat. Most importantly, if used properly it won't set off the smoke detector every time you use it. Luckily, someone finally built the indoor grill that meets all of these requirements! It's a year-round barbecue without the mess of charcoal, making cold-weather grilling a much more pleasant endeavor.


Make food for the whole family and friends with the Indoor Grill. Non-stick surface for easy clean-up . 1500 watts: high temperature locks in juices and flavors. Grills up to 450 degrees. Glass Cover prevents splattering and preserves flavor. Grill & Griddle to create multiple dishes at the same time Smokeless Drip Pan. Removable drip pan and parts for easy clean up. Extra Large 150-square-inch cooking surface (approximately 10.5 x 15 inches) Cool-touch handles and base.

Clean and Care: Hand wash

Dimensions: 21(H) x 6(W) x 16 (L)

Made In: China

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Premium Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

Premium Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

Premium Smokeless Indoor Grill
5 star rating by on 10/01/2014

This grill is the perfect size for me. I can fit up to 4 chicken breasts on the grill side and I still have room on the griddle side for peppers and onions. I wasn't sure about the 2 sides at first but for that price I wasn't too worried. Now I wouldn't go back. I would always get smaller stuff like sliced veggies and shrimp stuck in the grill or it would even fall right through. Who knew a griddle side would solve that problem? I haven't grilled steak on it yet but my friends say the flat surface is also the way to go for steak to get the best sear. Can't wait to try. Great value.

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Premium Smokeless Indoor Grill
2 star rating by on 09/09/2014

Am returning it unused. It's good for 1 person in small living space with no stove. Grill and griddle surfaces are too small for even 2 people. So I'll continue to use my cast-iron grilling skillet ($10) for inside grilling with a splatter screen as the lid; and my big fry pan as a griddle. This product is not worth the storage.

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