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Shave Bullet

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Shave Bullet the quick and easy way to shave your face - anyplace!
  • Cordless and WaterPROOF
  • Shave as CLOSE as a BLADE
  • Use WET or DRY

Product Description

Shave Bullet built the quick and easy way to shave your face - anyplace! Shave bullet as seen on TV the finger-sized shaver that saves fast as a bullet and close as a blade. Shave Bullet is small and compact but is as powerful as a big electric razor delivering 18,000 RPM through six stainless steel blades in the comfortable floating head.

The flexing foil head adjusts to the contour of your face delivering same close, smooth shave as a big razor. Cordless and waterproof. Keep one at the office, in the car or gym bag. Shave Bullet for the cleanest, most convenient shave ever! The closeness of a wet shave with the ease of an electric. Uses 1 AA battery (not included)

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Shave Bullet Reviews

Shave Bullet Reviews

Shave Bullet
1 star rating by on 08/20/2014

Takes me about twenty minutes to get to work. I bought this for when I'm running late. I thought I could shave in the car. Twenty minutes later I hadn't accomplished a darn thing. Ten minutes I can shave with a strait edge. Three an old style safety razor. Less then a minute with a triple edge. Twenty minutes? Not worth twenty bucks that's for darn sure.

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