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by Uglu

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UGlu creates an instant, powerful bond with no liquids!
  • Made in USA
  • No Mess Ever!
  • Provides an Instnat Grip

Product Description

Uglu is a revolutionary new liquid adhesive in a completely solid form. It provides an instant Grip; Powerful Bond; No Mess Ever! Product is Non Toxic and Acid Free, Waterproof and Weatherproof, Can be cleanly removed, and has Easy-to-peel over-sized liners. It Bonds to most any surface, including rough or uneven surfaces. It is made in the USA with a patented technology; The UGlu adhesive is a patented new technology combining industrial strength adhesive with the convenient use of tape. The rubber based adhesive is liquid in a totally new solid form. UGlu bonds faster than Superglue, has a powerful bond to most any surface and eliminates the mess and hassle of liquid adhesives. UGlu adhesive bonds quickly and safely to: Plastics, Sealed wood, Tile, Drywall, Carpet, Metal, Craft foam, Granite, Wallpaper, Canvas, Glass, Ceiling Tile, Cement, Foam board, Fabrics, Paper Fiberglass, Ceramic and Laminates. UGlu's unique formulation will not stick to your fingers and is great for use inside and outside the home, school and office projects, crafts, scrap booking, home and auto repair, and a variety of on the go projects. UGlu can be cleanly removed if needed.

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Uglu Reviews

Uglu Reviews

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