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No-Mess Pen by WD40
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No-Mess Pen by WD40

by WD-40

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WD40 where you want it, with no mess!
  • Lubricant is made from a petroleum-based, non-aerosol formula that also dissolves adhesive to remove stickers and labels
  • Removes Crayon, Lubricates, Removes Stickers, and Heel Marks
  • Size: 0.26 fl. oz.

Product Description

The WD-40 non-aerosol No-Mess Pen contains 0.26 oz. of lubricant that can be applied to almost any item to reduce friction and protect metal from rust and other corrosion.

With over 2,000 documented uses, WD-40 is also commonly used to loosen stuck metal parts, remove grease and grime, silence squeaky components, and displace water to remove moisture from electrical systems. Even after the lubricant has dried, it continues to protect surfaces from corrosion. The lubricant's petroleum base permits use on most materials, excluding polycarbonate and clear polystyrene. It has a non-aerosol formula that also dissolves adhesives to remove stickers and labels, and allows the pen to be recycled more easily than aerosol containers. The small pen contains 0.26 oz. of lubricant and is sized to fit in purses, glove compartments, and other compact places for portability. The felt tip fits into tight spaces and presses down to release small amounts of lubricant for controlled application.

Industrial lubricants can be found in most machinery performing one or more functions, including reducing friction and wear, preventing components from adhering to each other, distributing loads more evenly, dispersing heat away from moving parts, and preventing corrosion. Although many materials are used as lubricants, the most common are oil (also called fluid lubricants) and grease because of their versatility. Oil lubricants contain either a petroleum or synthetic base, the properties of which are modified by the addition of various additives. Grease lubricants, a mixture of oil lubricant and a thickening agent, have a thicker consistency than oil, enabling use wherever liquids cannot be retained and requiring less frequent changes.

WD-40 manufactures lubricants, and household and industrial cleaners. The company is headquartered in San Diego, CA.
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No-Mess Pen by WD40 Reviews

No-Mess Pen by WD40 Reviews

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