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Speed up drying time and add fresh laundry scents for up to 1,000 loads!
  • Lasts up to 1,000 loads
  • Reduces drying time by 25%
  • Soothing and calming lavender scent

Product Description

Our Woolzies wool dryer balls and Natural Essential Oils are the perfect way to add fresh scents to your laundry and softening it at the same time! This natural aromatherapy product can be simply added to our Woolzies As Seen On TV dryer balls to create a heavenly scented load of laundry.

After the laundry is completely dried, add desired amount of oil to the dryer balls, toss them back in the dryer and run on an Air Fluff (non-heated) cycle for 10 minutes. You will find your laundry smelling fresh and delightful!
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Woolzies Reviews

Woolzies Reviews

5 star rating by on 09/09/2015

I got these because there was a good deal on them and thought of gifting them since I already had 6 that I got off of etsy. When I saw these I realized how much better they were in quality vs. my other ones. I added them to my dyer and they do a better job with the static than the other ones, have more weight to them so I do hear them thumping very quietly in there now and I can see the difference. The box gives you instructions on how to recharge the static-resisting qualities which was very useful information and I plan on recharging my etsy ones this weekend.

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5 star rating by on 09/04/2015

I waited a full year before writing this review, even though I was thoroughly impressed with Woolzies XL the very first week. These babies really do work! Will they improve your dryer's performance? ... YES. Will they totally eliminate *all* static in your laundry? ... NO, but dryer sheets won't either, and the sheets don't help the clothes get dry faster. I dry approximately 10 loads a week. After a year of use, the Woolzies have a few pills and one even has a small chunk missing thanks to my dog who chases and retrieves balls much more efficiently than I. The Woolzies utilize escape tactics when you're removing laundry from the dryer, but they are well worth chasing across the floor between loads. Your skills of keeping them contained will improve once you learn their tactics. Although not a pretty as they once were, the Woolzies are still fully functional and look as though they will go another year. (see the photo I've uploaded of a new Woolzie next to my...

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5 star rating by on 09/01/2015

Having used these for several months now, I am very pleased with the Woolzies as a replacement for dryer sheets. Here's my experience in a nutshell... CONS: 1) They are only somewhat effective in controlling static with big bulky items such as heavy blankets. I assume this is because the bulky items ball up tight and the woolzies aren't bouncing around inside them like they do with smaller items that tumble freely. I have, however, noticed that the static has already disappeared as soon as I am done removing the item from the dryer, which doesn't normally happen. So, not much to complain about anyway. 2) If you're in a hurry, it can be a little annoying to have to find and remove the Woolzies out of pant legs and sleeves and pillowcases as you're unloading the dryer. 3) Your dogs will want these. They will want them bad. PROS: 1) With clothing, towels, and regular (i.e. non big heavy blankie)laundry items, the Woolzies have been every bit as effective in...

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